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Complete 2 Compete – How it works

Thousands of Mississippi adults, who left college without graduating, have enough credits for a degree – without any additional coursework. Many more are closer than they think. Complete 2 Compete (C2C) is a statewide initiative helps adults who left college without graduating optimize applying their credits to obtain a degree.

CRANBERRY | How Does It Grow?

PART 2: my BIGGEST regret with this episode, and how I made amends: ❤️ BECOME A TRUE FOOD TV PATRON ❤️ Go underwater and high overhead to see cranberries as you’ve never seen them before. We unlock the secrets — and bust some myths — of this truly American fruit. 🔥 TFTV STORE: 🔥 ______________________________________ […]

How does money laundering work? – Delena D. Spann

View full lesson: Money laundering is the term for any process that “cleans” illegally obtained funds of their “dirty” criminal origins, allowing them to be used within the legal economy. And the practice is about as old as money itself. But how does it actually work? Delena D. Spann describes the ins and outs of […]

How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach

Breathing – so essential to life, and yet most of us are doing it wrong! Dr. Belisa Vranich, psychologist and breathing expert, shares some surprising information about breathing and teaches us all how to do it right. Dr. Belisa Vranich is a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and the author of “Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary […]

How does the International Space Station work?

Help me make more videos: The International Space Station is the largest man made object in space. It was built in pieces and then launched into space and assembled in orbit. In this video we’ll go over some background about the station and then walk through each module in the order that it was […]

Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More Than Your Peers

Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More Than Your Peers How To Give An Amazing Presentation Playlist: Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: In this video we have three tips to achieve success and improvement as shown by Elon Musk! In five hundred years, we may look back and […]

The Big Aid Convoy: How it Works

This Ramadan, for the third year running, Muslim Hands is sending a Big Aid Convoy of containers from the UK, South Africa & France to help provide food for Syrian refugees. Over the last two years, with your support, we were able to send over £1.5m of in-kind donations, consisting of rice, flour and tinned […]