Blockchain beyond Bitcoin – How can Enterprises leverage the Blockchain technology? | Zinnov

Kingsley Samuel, Engagement Lead, Zinnov, speaks about the Blockchain technology and its impact on the ER&D space.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. have risen and fallen in the past, but the truth remains that there is more to Blockchain than just its application for bitcoin.

What is Blockchain, in the context of enterprises and how are they leveraging it?
Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable ledger to maintain all the transactions in the peer to peer network.

Enterprises are tapping into this technology and are implementing 50+ real world use cases. By partnering with new-age start-ups and by extensively investing in this space, enterprises – traditional and modern, are increasingly leveraging Blockchain technology.

The Service Provider ecosystem is also partnering with Enterprises in Blockchain initiatives through implementation projects, solution offerings and consortiums.

How can enterprises tap into #Blockchain technology?
Identify and prioritize the right use case to work on
Identify the Blockchain talent hotspots
Set up Blockchain CoEs
Blockchain will remain in the driver’s seat of our digital future and #enterprises should leverage this technology to stay ahead in the age of disruption.