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Calling in Finances, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin – How I learned to pray about finances.
This message is a recording from a RBTC staff meeting – not a published audio series. It is part of my “private audio collection” and the library of the – uploaded for the express purpose of building faith for finances in the members and partners of “the Society” and A.J.Hemstrought ministries.
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I have asked Brother Hagin if he would come and share some things with us today in the area of “knowing how to pray properly for finances” and anything else he wants to share. so if our leader would come we’d like to hear from you we don’t get this very often amen hallelujah. he came up there while ago this microphone said you gonna do something I said yep “call hogs” amen No, Ken wanted me to share it with you just a little bit. about “how I learned to pray about finances” Kenneth Hagin

From the transcript:
10:05 He (Jesus) said to me. Now it’s not me that’s withholding from you. It’s not me that’s withholding from your children. He said, I’m not going to send any money down from heaven, because I don’t have any up here. I’m not gonna rain any money down on you; dollar bills or five dollars or $100 no money. I don’t have any up here. And if I did have it would be counterfeit and I’m not a counterfeiter. What you need is down there!
How many of you know that the money you need is down there? Now, it’s not me that’s withholding from you. I put it (money) there for you. So now then, Don’t pray anymore about money! –like you have been praying.
He said, number one: Claim whatever you need. Claim it! And then secondly: He said, say to Satan, “Take your hand off my money!” Because, you see, Satan is the god of this world. He’s controlling what’s in this world. But you and I have authority because Jesus gave it to us. Unless we exercise it, (the authority) He can’t do anything about it. Nothing will be done unless you do something.
So number one; He said, Claim whatever you need! Secondly, say, “Satan take your hand off of my money!” Third say, “Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come!”

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