How It Works: The Ashes to Diamonds Process

In this video, we cover how this remarkable process works and all that goes into creating a diamond from ashes✨💎

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Eterneva celebrates remarkable lives by making diamonds from ashes.


How it Works: Turning Ashes to Diamonds

In this video, we cover how this remarkable process works and all that goes into creating a diamond from ashes

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David & Roberta

Roberta had an infectious energy and smile. She was the kind of girl you wanted to always be around. When Roberta passed from cancer, her amazing husband David chose to have his sunshine girl turned into a yellow diamond and set into his wedding band.

Jocelyn & Russ

Jocelyn didn’t have any single stronger relationship with a person as she did with her pitbull, Russ. He saw her through every stage of life! She knew he had to be a diamond so he could keep going on all life’s adventures with her.

Janet & Dave

Janet & Dave were more than husband and wife – they were best friends. They always had a great time together. When Dave passed, Janet spread most his ashes, but kept a little bit to create a diamond. She knows Dave would have thought it was so cool.

Jackie & Katie

Katie was a young, beautiful, vibrant teenager. When we lost Katie to a car accident, her Mom Jackie wanted to find a way to hold her baby close. A way that would allow others to comment on her beautiful ring and she could say, “That’s my Katie. It’s as beautiful as she is.”

Cecelia & Cali

Cecelia is a fun and dynamic woman who’s passionate about her career so the only family she ever had was her kitty Cali. Cali was with Cecelia for 20 years! When Cecelia lost Cali, she knew she had to do something special for her little girl.

Lori & John

Lori & John were both pharmacology teachers who got married and for 28 years adored every minute with one another. Months before he died, John read an article about memorial diamonds and said that’s what he wanted for Lori, one last gift from him.

Cherry & Ed

Ed and Cherry first met when Cherry cold-called Ed for a credit card. They fell in love and were married 20 happy years. They always said whoever went first had to become a diamond, so when Cherry passed of colon cancer, Ed knew how to keep her vibrance alive.






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