How to Prepare for IAS Mains Exam (2019) | UPSC | Civil Service Examination

Tips and Guidance for the preparation of Civil Service Examination. How to prepare for UPSC Mains Exam.

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For the aspirants who have qualified the prelims exam, the next big challenge is mains. The mains exam constitutes of 1750 marks. The candidate performs well, it can swing the balance in their favour a good score can fetch you a very high ranking in the merit list. Some tips that may come handy for are: Read all the questions thoroughly, utilise some amount of time to go through the entire questions given in the question paper and plan a chronology of the answers of the question. Students must know how to present the answer in a logically. Write answers in direct speech and avoid a repetitive, fancy and difficult without spelling and grammar errors.

Concentrate on general studies paper since that can fetch you full marks. Devise a plan to manage the statistics portion efficiently. Good handwriting adds value to your paper. If you have bad handwriting, you can try with bigger fonts and giving space between the two words so that your answer becomes more legible and easy to read. Always present your answer within the box in which your answer provided and never overflow the space. Since, civil service exam is spread over almost to a calendar year and the stress is bound to happen. Managing the stress is one of the important things that come along with your mains exam preparation. The candidate should not feel stressed at any moment. Keep yourself motivated and concentrated for the UPSC exam.
These are a few tips that you must keep in mind while you prepare for your mains exam it will shortly give you more confidence and help you prepare the exam.
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