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In Space Everyone Can Hear You Poop | Video

The suction fan on the Space Station potty is so loud that, well, everyone knows when you ‘go.’ Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti explains how to turn on that fan and how-to use the International Space Station toilet. — Doing Your Hair and Nails In Space: Credit: ESA

Shredding – How it Works

Transcript You care about your customers, and know that their confidential information needs to be protected. Driver: [If you’re simply throwing documents away, or shredding them with an office shredder your customers’ information can easily fall into the wrong hands.] A secure shredding service from Iron Mountain ensures you can protect and destroy confidential information […]

How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates | Op-Docs

Reporting from conflict zones will always be dangerous. But where should journalists draw the line? And who pays the price when they take too many risks? In her Op-Doc, “From Journalist to Hostage,” director Sonia Kennebeck explores those questions at close range, through the story of a reporter who was held captive by Somali pirates […]

HP 3D Printer How It Works | Poligon Mühendislik

Poligon Mühendislik, HP Multi Jet Fusion 3 boyutlu yazıcı (3D Printer) modellerinin Türkiye yetkili satıcısıdır. Videoda örnek gösterilen printer HP Jet Fusion 4200, kaliteli çıktıları 10 kata kadar daha hızlı ve yarı maliyetle sunmayı sağlıyor. Endüstriyel prototip üretimi ve haftada 130-599 parça üreten nihai parça üretimi ortamları için idealdir. Profesyonel bir 3B Yazıcıdır.

How Does a Transistor Work?

How does a transistor work? Our lives depend on this device. Support Veritasium on Patreon: Subscribe to Veritasium – it’s FREE! When I mentioned to people that I was doing a video on transistors, they would say “as in a transistor radio?” Yes! That’s exactly what I mean, but it goes so much deeper than […]

How a Microwave Oven Works

Bill details how a microwave oven heats food. He describes how the microwave vacuum tube, called a magnetron, generates radio frequencies that cause the water in food to rotate back and forth. He shows the standing wave inside the oven, and notes how you can measure the wavelength with melted cheese. He concludes by describing […]

How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

Have you ever seen a kid talk to her friends in English, but to her mom in Spanish? Learning a second language can be really hard for adults, so how do bilingual babies learn two at the same time? but how the bilingual babies learning two languages? Hosted by: Brit Garner ———- Support SciShow by […]