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How do tariffs work? | CNBC Explains

The U.S. imports more than $500 billion worth of goods from China, of which some goods are subject to a customs duty. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explains how increased tariffs can impact an economy. —– Subscribe to us on YouTube: Subscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us […]

DMARC – How it works and what it does

DMARC is used to prevent phishing attacks and increase the deliverability of authorised emails. OnDMARC is an email security product that helps organisations of all sizes and abilities set up and maintain a secure DMARC policy ( DMARC is an open protocol that stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It uses the authentication […]

How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally | Vishen Lakhiani

Ever wanted to heal your eyesight without having to go through any invasive procedures? The science behind naturally healing your eyesight has shown us that you can train your brain to repair your eyes. In this video, Vishen shares how he healed his eyesight in just 2 weeks from 20/40 to 20/25! #mindvalley #biohacking #eyesight […]

How does a Steam Turbine Work ?

Please support us at so that we can add one more member to the team and will be able to release 2 educational videos/month. Nuclear and coal based thermal power plants together produce almost half of the world’s power. Steam turbines lie at the heart of these power plants. They convert thermal energy in […]

How to sing really high – Voice lesson on how to sing higher

*** Facebook – *** *** Visit for more info. *** Today, we’re gonna talk about how you can sing really high right now!!! So, if you’ve ever felt like you’ve wanted to sing high, but you couldn’t quite get up there, well it’s my hope that by the end of today’s video, you’ll be singing […]