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How does a blockchain work – Simply Explained

What is a blockchain and how do they work? I’ll explain why blockchains are so special in simple and plain English! 💰 Want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum? Buy for $100 and get $10 free (through my affiliate link): 📚 Sources can be found on my website: 🐦 Follow me on Twitter: ✏️ Check out […]


GO TO for years worth of lessons! How to play exercise 1 for beginning guitar; get a professional beginner’s guitar lesson from a professional guitarist in this free instructional video. We are currently offering a great deal. Use the code Acoustic25 and get a monthly subscription to Center Stage Guitar Academy for just $4.99 a […]

How does Earthquake occur with explanation – Social Science 3D animation video in HD

This is a social science video that answers – What is earthquake? – How does earthquake occur? – What are the different types of waves? An unexpected movement of the Earth’s surface is called an earthquake. When two parts of the earth’s surface move suddenly in relation to each other along a fault line, due […]

Eminem Demonstrates How To Freestyle Rap In 3 Steps

Learn how to avoid the 7 most common mistakes made by rappers to completely reinvent your ability to rhyme: This tutorial is going to explain in three simple steps how Eminem uses easy-to-follow freestyle techniques to engage the audience when “going off the top”. If you’re curious about how to freestyle rap like Eminem, this […]