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HOW IT WORKS – Episode 23 – Bicycle locks, Tea lights, Avocade harvest, Wrapping paper

How it Works – Episode 23 – Bicycle locks: to keep your bike where it belongs – Tea lights: these are mass produced for when it has to be nice and cozy – Avocado harvest: see where these delicious and healthy fruit come from – Wrapping Paper: When christmas is coming this will be everywhere

HOW IT WORKS – Episode 27 – Paper recycling, Mobile crane, Cherry jam, flower market

How it Works – Episode 27 Paper recycling: Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees from being cut down and pulped. Mobile crane: The largest cranes in the world can cost 6.3 million pounds and can lift as much as 3000 tons. Cherry jam: There are recipes for jam that date back to roman […]