RT How-do-words-good? [207]

Special thanks to Thunder Bird, crystaljon, and Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy for contributing timestamps.

The focus of HDWG is comedic wordplay. Flubs, puns, tone shifts, accents, interruptions, witty word timing, etc. Some clips that you might question might be used as context for a later, associated clip. While a main focus is quality and clarity. Everyone is different, not everyone understand clips the same way. So just because you don’t think it belongs, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason for including it. Ask about something specific and I’ll explain why I used it.

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YDYD4 (Part 3) – 35:55(don’t make fun of gavin’s accent)

YDYD4 (Part 4) – 29:25(childish wood)

Podcast #643- 0:12(wtf credits)

Podcast #644 – 43:47(the grink grinch)

– 1:45:00(jedus)

There’s A Chuck Amuck – Gmod: Murder – 14:50(nobody can talk x2)

Stoneblock 2 (Part 6) – 5:38(sleepy?)

– 6:10(jeremy can’t talk)

YDYD4 (Part 3) – 36:55(pelvis/helmet), 46:05(trevor is accident)

Ya Dead, Ya Dead – Season 4 (Part 1) – 28:10(undefined/unidentified)

YDYD4 (Part 5) – 9:14(wot?)

Off Topic #277 – 18:32(Mr. E)

49:00(walls in fall guys)